Different Kinds of Sports Memorabilia Auctions

One of my first jobs as a marketer is to figure out how CSD auctions are different. Let me tell you, after researching, Home game Auctions is indeed unique. Sports memorabilia auctions aren’t exactly new around the block. However, they can take different forms. There are online auctions, for example. Big sites like Ebay that […]

Dallas Cowboys Home Game Auctions

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Two CSD employees got the chance to witness history last night. The Dallas Cowboys played against the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium. What the employees were there for, however, wasn’t just the game. They were there primarily for CSD’s Home Game Auctions, which take place in many NFL stadiums each season. Getting to go to any […]

Throwing it Back: Dallas Cowboys Memorabilia

Something very exciting happened last night. The Dallas Cowboys played a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. Per our contract, CSD gets a pre-game radio commercial. I plugged in my radio and listened. It took ten minutes until I got to hear our man cave ad! Hearing the words you wrote over the radio is […]

How our Sports Auctions Work

CSD framing has sports auctions going on year round in stadiums, which are silent auctions which we call our “Home Game Auctions.” A lot goes into preparation for each auction. For example, football season is here. It gets busy around CSD! We have to know what those frames are going to be before anything. In sports, […]

NFL Home Game Auctions

Football Season is an exciting time here at CSD. It’s the time where we put together beautiful custom frames featuring memorabilia from our NFL Partners. Once each custom frame is complete, they are sent around the country to be featured in our NFL Home Game Auctions. What are our Home Game Auctions? Simply put, they […]

NFL Preseason Games Scores

The NFL Preseason games have officially kicked off! We are the proud partners of quite a few of the teams this year. So, of course, we were curious to see how the first week went! Kicking off the preseason (at least for CSD) started this past Friday. We were at two games. The first game was Cleveland […]

Famous Bidding Wars

First of all, bidding wars can be exciting to watch. The way they can go on and on makes a lot of sense. Additionally, human beings have been enamored with showing off wealth for as long as we’ve been around. It’s one reason a suburbanite might choose a Mercedes over a Prius. What are some […]

The History of Auctions

There are some things you don’t really stop to think about. One topic being, “How did auctions start?” I made it a duty to google this myself, and the first link that popped up was a blog by The National Auctioneers Association I found through Mike Brandly. Spoiler alert: According to the article, the first […]

How Does a Home Game Auction Work?

A Home Game Auction is a fancy title we give our silent auctions in stadiums across the country. Basically, we are given permission  to hold our silent auctions per team. CSD partners range from NFL teams like the Dallas Cowboys, to NHL and even MLS teams. At each stadium, we have what we call kiosks […]

What is a charity auction?

Although CSD Framing started out in charity auctions by selling Cowboybilia for charity, nowadays, our business model is a little different… not to mention the fact that it’s an actual business and NOT a not-for-profit! We do, however, give in other ways. A lot of our partnership teams and even some we are not currently partnered […]