Listed below is a brief outline of what is required from the auction manager as far as Auction Results/Bid Sheets and Payroll requirements. This quick outline is not all-inclusive of the manager’s responsibilities, so please refer to your auction manager outline for a complete outline.

Auction Results:

Results are to be emailed the following morning by 11 a.m. to the email address:   auctions@csdframing.com

Auction Bid Sheets:

Auction Bid Sheets are to be sent to CSD, by UPS 2-day, the following day. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Please do not send in cash.  Enclose a check or money order payable to CSD with your auction results.

Payroll Reports:

Auction Employee Payroll Reports are to be submitted on or before the last day of the month. The Auction Payroll Sheet can be downloaded using this link. Simply fill in the Team, Month, Employee Name, Amount per Game, etc.
 Checks are processed on the 5th day of each month for the prior month’s auctions.
 Be sure to include a W-9  and Employee Information Sheet for all new employees.
 No check will be issued to any employee that has not submitted the required forms. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Auction Manager Commissions:

Checks are processed on the 5th day of the month for the prior month’s auctions. There will be a delay and penalty of this commission payment if all required paperwork is not received in a timely manner.

For a list of Auction Manager Requirements, email Scott.

It is imperative that these guidelines are followed. In the event that you need clarification on an issue or require additional information, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are here to help you!