Different Kinds of Sports Memorabilia Auctions

One of my first jobs as a marketer is to figure out how CSD auctions are different. Let me tell you, after researching, Home game Auctions is indeed unique. Sports memorabilia auctions aren’t exactly new around the block. However, they can take different forms.

There are online auctions, for example. Big sites like Ebay that sell memorabilia. There are also private, small companies and dealers that run auction sites. There’s even a software made specifically for sports memorabilia auctions online! Pretty cool, right? Most sites you have to sign up for. Once you place the winning bet and the auction closes, that item is yours.

A lot of non-profits, including sports team organizations, run sports memorabilia auctions. Typically, tickets to the events can run high for professional teams. However, a lot of small non-profits host sports auctions simply because they do well. CSD has hosted dozens of such auctions for charities that don’t have anything to do with sports. The reason? people love sports, and celebrity athlete autographs can fetch a good price.

Lastly, there are sports memorabilia auctions like Home Game Auctions. Other companies have tried to copy us and failed. Why? It’s such a big operation. From shipping to staff all over the country, it’s not easy. And, pleasing people in crowded spaces has its own challenges.

Regardless, we love what we do. And we love the free tickets we get sometimes!

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