How our Sports Auctions Work

CSD framing has sports auctions going on year round in stadiums, which are silent auctions which we call our “Home Game Auctions.” A lot goes into preparation for each auction. For example, football season is here. It gets busy around CSD!

We have to know what those frames are going to be before anything. In sports, and especially in football, players come and go. Who are the most popular players on the team? Can we trust that they’ll be around for at least a couple of games?

Past sales are an indication. Popular players sell better. Brett Favre, for example, will always be a Green Bay Packers legend. Of course, there are also those players who are really popular who end up not working out due to injury or scandal. That, too, must be dealt with in caution.

To work in this industry, you have to have a general idea about how teams handle such matters and how fans typically react. That takes research and experience. Not everybody can work in the sports industry.

bengals sports auctions setup CSD framing

The next step is making the frames. All of our frames are custom made. During the height of the season, our guys work overtime. Depending on how well the past sports auctions have gone, we might have to make more pieces to deal with the low inventory.

We employ a person on our team to design the frame, cut the frame, cut the matting, mount the piece, and affix the Plexiglas. Lastly, hardware goes on the back of the frame.

In my next post, I wrap up what goes into preparation for our sports auctions, aka silent auctions we lovingly call our Home Game Auctions.

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