NFL Preseason Games Scores

The NFL Preseason games have officially kicked off! We are the proud partners of quite a few of the teams this year. So, of course, we were curious to see how the first week went! Kicking off the preseason (at least for CSD) started this past Friday. We were at two games.

The first game was Cleveland Browns @ Green Bay Packers. I try to make sure that our social media fans know where we are. Friday was no exception. Kickoff started around 7 pm.  Lo and Behold, the Green Bay Packers pulled it through! The final score was 17-11.

Awww yes, love it when my cheese heads win!

The next NFL Preseason game we held our silent auctions at was in Ohio. You only have a few guesses. The correct one is the Vikings @ Bengals game. The Vikings barely scraped by and the score was 17-16. Next time, my Cincinnati Bengals! Remember: Who Dey? #winning

On Saturday, we headed on over to the Colts @ Bills game. Again, another scrape-by! The Colts got the lead by one point and the final score ended up 19-18.

Last but not least came Sunday. The Texans were playing the 49ers in San Francisco. In an upset, the Texans stole it from the 49ers. The final score was 24-13. hey, NFL preseason games aren’t easy. Just ask some of the players that are already out for the reason following a preseason game. It’s tough out there.

sf logo nfl preseason games Come out to our home game auctions anytime! We are at each partner’s home game. You can find the schedule under our upcoming events calendar page. You can always contact home game auctions directly as well.