How Does a Home Game Auction Work?

A Home Game Auction is a fancy title we give our silent auctions in stadiums across the country. Basically, we are given permission  to hold our silent auctions per team. CSD partners range from NFL teams like the Dallas Cowboys, to NHL and even MLS teams.

At each stadium, we have what we call kiosks (set-ups) where we display our beautiful framed pieces. Furthermore, most of the pieces will be autographed sports memorabilia pieces from that stadium’s particular team or player.

We call it a Home Game Auction because these silent auctions take place at the same place, day and time as the game of that respective team.

Our silent auction works like any other silent auction. Our associates are on stand by to answer questions about particular pieces, prices and shipping and to chat about their team pride. Each framed memorabilia piece has a corresponding bid sheet with an opening bid. The highest bidder gets to walk away with their prized memorabilia piece. A lot of the pieces are displayed in home, offices, or man caves. Each frame is put together by hand in our shop and each memorabilia piece has a certificate of authenticity proving its origins. Home Game Auction San Francisco 49ers CSD Framing

There you have it! The phrase “Home Game Auction” might sound daunting, but it really isn’t. They’re fun events in stadiums across the country. If you’re not looking to bid, no worries! You can always stop by and admire the work our professional framers put into make each frame. If you are interested in finding out when and where we will be next, head over to our upcoming events calendar. There we have where we are located by stadium address as well as specific locations in each stadium.

Hope to see you out there!