What is a charity auction?

Although CSD Framing started out in charity auctions by selling Cowboybilia for charity, nowadays, our business model is a little different… not to mention the fact that it’s an actual business and NOT a not-for-profit!

We do, however, give in other ways. A lot of our partnership teams and even some we are not currently partnered with choose to hold their upcoming charity auction with us. It makes sense, seeing as our home game auctions are events we have been running successfully for years.

But what really is a charity auction? It’s quite simple, really. Think of a party with a silent auction as one of the main “attractions.” Oftentimes, charities choose to use the silent auction format because it’s exciting, gives something back to important donors, and offers a sense of camaraderie.

I remember being a child and doing cake walks at school. It was so fun landing on the right step and getting your cake! We even had our own form of silent auctions at the school, but the prizes were toys and books. The most important thing about any charity auction is having it set up correctly and inviting the right people.

Nobody wants to go to a party that’s a drag. What is something a majority of people enjoy? Sports. And, for those who don’t, there are entertainment pieces from musicians and actors. A charity auction, in its simplest definition, is getting a group of people together for a silent auction. Basically, people see something they like, there’s a minimum bid attached to it, and whoever bids the highest above the minimum bid gets the piece! It can get competitive, but that’s part of the fun (as long as all parties involved are respectful). They can take a lot of planning to do, especially if a charity doesn’t have a certain person who handles the events.

Part of what CSD does is supply the actual pieces for a charity auction. CSD also helps with the payment processes and people actually working the auctions. If you’re interested in finding out how we plan our charity auctions, check us out. If you’re part of a charity and you’re reading this, bless you.

We definitely know how hard it can be to pull off an events, but we hope you know it’s worth it in the end!