Sports Framing

Being involved in the sports framing industry is a lot of fun. First of all, sometimes, we get to go to games for free! Who can argue with that?

Last year I was able to go to a Dallas Cowboys game and see what sports framing is all about, personally, at one of our locations in AT&T stadium. My favorite part was seeing fans looking at our pieces, pointing out their favorite frames and favorite players. Being in a stadium with that many people gives you a rush of energy like nothing else, that’s for sure. Part of being successful in the sports framing industry is knowing what people like to see and, of course, when. I think it’s great that we typically auction pieces that are from old- school players and hot new athletic “stars.” That way, everybody gets what they want, and the legacy of the team is highlighted throughout the process! Plunkett Research has found that the sports industry brings in 498 billion in the US, and 1.5 billion globally! Additionally, companies spend about 35 billion annually on the sports industry, showing just how important the sports industry is economically. Obviously, my boss realized that sports framing is a big part of that revenue, and it makes sense. player photos have been popular since camera have been around! The best selling memorabilia, after all, featured Babe Ruth. For ourĀ home game auctions calendar, which take form as silent auctions across various US and Pro league stadiums, click the blue text. chiefs home game auction csd framing carrollton tx And, if you’re unfamiliar with the auctions themselves, here is a link to a gallery featuring more photos of past home game auctions. Come look at our pieces! There’s something for everybody. And, we always enjoy hearing feedback on our pieces. Until next time, good day!

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